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About Us

AltoNet is a regional telecommunications service provider in Horovice. AltoNet ISP is providing internet access since 1998. After changing ownership in 2016 the company undergoing dynamic development and modernization of the networks. We are constantly expanding the network and improving the quality and availability of our services. We continue to focus on our mission to provide the best ISP service in the region, whilst expanding our range of products and services for both business and residential customers. Our benefits includes:

  • we are using modern network technologies
  • continuous monitoring of the network performance and availability
  • 24h support
  • flexible tariff plans and custom offers to match your requirments
  • great coverage in Horovice area allows us to provide fast and reliable connectivity for our customers
  • usage of the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz access points, fiber network in development
  • free public IP address with every broadband plan
  • Unlimited download usage (no FUP)
  • full IPv6 support

Our services

The Company delivers services over its own WiFi and Fiber networks and provides access to the Internet, TV and the telephone (VoIP).

  • Residential Internet Access Services
  • Business Services
  • VPN solutions, private networks
  • Collocation

Residential Internet Broadband Packages

Let us accelerate the Internet around your home and give you the freedom to enjoy stable, unrestricted broadband that keeps everyone connected.

24 Month Contract pricing:

Broadband PackageMonthly charge (including VAT)

1 Month Contract pricing:

Broadband PackageMonthly charge (including VAT)

Additionally we are providing TV and VoIP services. Our TV offering includes wide-ranging programming that will satisfy the whole family. Pricing starts from 99Kč/Month.

Business Services

Business broadband provides a high level of support, fast speeds and reliability. We can offer dedicated synchronous PtP links from 20Mbit to 1Gb per second speed. With a choice of speeds, technology, flexible contract terms and care levels on your line, we can provide for you a connectivity service that suits the way you work.
If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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